20 Funny Hamsters (Funniest hamsters ever!)

funny hamsters

We love funny hamsters!

Hamsters are super cute and can be so funny to watch as they go about their lives, running around, stuffing their face and sleeping in the weirdest places and positions!

We found you 20 of the funniest hamsters online. Go and check out their social media accounts (click source under image) and follow your favorite funny hamster, in our view, all of them are awesome!

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Funny Hamsters:

“So where is my food then? No, I haven’t had any food yet. Do you see any broccoli in my cage? I haven’t seen any!”


Amazing pouches on this little hamster named Latte!

“So I’ve been trying this new yoga move you’re doing every night here on the couch, and I must say…. really good stretch!”

2 Funny Hamsters having a chat….

“So I said to Betty, are you sure he said that?”


“Yes, I swear!” “And then she said….” whisper whisper

“Got myself a new horse. Bit rocky but great ears to hold on to!’

“I told you yellow is not my color!”

Great account! Go and check them out!

Beautiful and funny robo hamsters.

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More Funny Hamsters

Is this a hamster hiding under a fluffy blanket or a fluffy hamster not happy to be photographed during nap time? You decide!

This new moving machine is going a bit fast! HOLD ON!!!!

Another awesome account!

Yeah I’m good! Just showing off to the cat. Just ignore the table leg. I can stand on my hind legsies. Really I can!

Been such a long night….. exhausted!

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Whoever thought hamsters weren’t great climbers, think again! This one is training for the World Championships Free Climbing!

This funny hamster is now a grannie fox…..

Call me Reggie….. I’m the cool guy in the band. So what’s your name?

Don’t ask why this is just such a comfortable way to eat my slice of carrot……

I’m not moving….. I was here first.

I’m not moving either. You know this is my favorite spot.

Why is Charlie taking up so much space???

Yeah, the pile of food on this side is just so I can reach the biscuits on the other side of this irritating glass wall…

Best hide and seek spot I’ve ever found…. been here for weeks….lol.

Yes, I know there is a little basket to sit in but I’m just so much more comfortable on the edge…. I think….

Yes hamsters need to floss too you know! Got that carrot stuck in my tooth for a week!

Yep, I’m sure there was some food somewhere in this bowl…… somewhere in this bowl…. somewhere….. uhhhh where is it???

And stuck again……. Why can’t she just sleep like a normal hamster??? Ugghhhh

Hamsters are such great pets, and millions of people have one (or two) at home. If you are one of these, you know how funny hamsters can be! While most of these moments are not recorded, many are, and we have been able to put 20 of these together for you.cd

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