Can Hamsters and Mice Live in the Same Room? 20 Important questions answered!

Can hamsters and mice live in the same room

Can hamsters and mice live in the same room? 

Hamsters and mice can live in the same room but need to be in different cages. Hamsters are solitary and territorial, and some get stressed when near other animals. Keep them on either side of the room for a month or so and move them closer should you want to, after that. It gives them time to get used to each other without transferring disease which might have been brought in from the pet shop or breeder. Observe their behavior and look out for signs of stress. Don’t let them out of their cage at the same time. 

Are mice nocturnal? 

Mice are nocturnal and so are hamsters. So, if you have them near each other, they won’t disturb each other. It might become a bit noisy in the room at night when they are both busy running around their cage though.  

Can you house hamsters near other pets? 

Can you house hamsters near other pets? Hamsters are prey animals and will get extremely stressed when housed with a predatory animal. A snake, bird, dog or cat can really stress your hamster out. Even if a snake would be on the other side of the room, the hamster will smell it’s there and will be stressed out of its little body. Other hamsters nearby will make it territorial and stressed as well. Other rodents can be kept in a cage away from the hamster until they are used to each other after which they can be placed closer together.  

Can you keep birds and hamsters in the same room? 

Small birds can be kept in the same room as hamsters as they would know they are no treat to each other, after all in nature they would both be preyed upon. If you have a large bird however, your hamster might become stressed as it could feel threatened by the bird. While every so often it works out ok for a bird and a hamster, it’s best for your hamster to keep large birds in a different room. 

Can I keep my rat in the same room as my hamster? 

Rats and hamsters are likely to get on in the same room. Introduce them to each other from either side of the room and don’t let them out of the cage at the same time. It’s also a good idea to supervise when either of them is out of their cage. 

Do mice and dwarf hamsters get along? 

They do get along to the point where they are likely to be okay with the other creature being in their vicinity. However, they won’t get along in the same cage or out of the cage at the same time. Keep them separate.  

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Difference between mice and hamsters 

Both mice and hamsters are lovely pets and are very similar in lots of ways, however, there are some differences between them which make them very unique. They are both rodents and are both nocturnal, but mice are more social while hamsters are solitary. While dwarf hamsters are smaller than mice, Syrian hamsters are significantly bigger. But possibly the biggest difference is that hamsters have not much of a tale, while mice have long tails which help them balance when climbing.  

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Are hamsters and mice the same? 

They are both rodents and have a lot in common, however they are very different creatures. Hamsters are stockier than mice and have a stubby tail, mice have long tails, are quick moving and overall, even more nervous than hamsters! 

Are hamsters just mice? 

Are hamsters mice? Absolutely not, and if you would have both next to each other and looked closely you would see the difference easily. However, if you only have one of them for reference, simply check their tail. A hamster has a short stubby tail while a mouse will have a long tail. A bit like a rats tail but smaller.  

How to house multiple rodents 

Depending on the type of rodent, you could house them in the same room, however all cages should be pet proofed, meaning if a bigger rodent is roaming free, it can’t hurt the caged rodent in any way. Smaller rodents like hamsters can be less sociable and might get stressed with another animal nearby. In that case, place the cages as far away from each other as possible.  

What rodents can live together 

If you want several rodents to live together, than stick to the same breed. Two rats together for example, several guinea pigs as they are social, some dwarf hamsters as they are more social than Syrian hamsters who are more territorial and solitary.  

Can you mix different rodents in the same cage? 

You shouldn’t put different rodents in the same cage as they have different needs, habits and sleeping patterns, and there is a real chance that one of them gets attacked by the other.  If you want different rodents as pets, give them their own living space, away from each other so they can live in peace and don’t get stressed by each other.  

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Are mice good pets? 

They are great pets as mice are very intelligent and active creatures who are easily tamed and can even be taught tricks. While they are small, many have big personalities and if you have more than one you can easily see the differences in personality. They are great company and fun to watch.  

Are hamsters good pets? 

Hamsters are lovely creatures to have as a pet as they are cute and fun to watch. They are inexpensive to keep and easy to look after. When they are tamed, they will be happy to crawl onto your hand and will sometimes even fall asleep on you. They are busy running in their cage during the night as they are nocturnal, but if that doesn’t bother you than this little fluffy pet is great to have around.  

Is taking care of a hamster hard? 

Hamsters are quite easy to look after, and while they do need attention, daily food and drink as well as regular cleaning of their cage, they are happy to be left alone from time to time. Hanging a hamster water bottle on the cage and setting up an automatic food dispenser makes it even easier. Just make sure you check on your hamster daily to remove any food that’s going off, to check if the water is working and to remove any dirty bedding.  

Which type of hamster is the friendliest? 

The Syrian hamster also knows as the golden hamster and the teddy bear hamster is a great pet for kids as they like to be held and handled once tamed more than other hamster breeds. They are very territorial though, so they won’t be very friendly towards other hamsters. In fact, a Syrian will attack any other hamsters around. So, if you are looking for a hamster friendly towards other hamsters, then a Russian dwarf hamster is a better choice. They can also be very friendly towards their owners as they are ok to tame. 


What gender of hamster is nicer? 

Some people have preferences for either gender and some claim that females are more aggressive than males, but many hamster owners who have had many of both genders will tell you that there not so much a difference in the different genders as there is in attitude and character of the individual hamsters. 

Can rat and mice live together? 

If you have a pet mouse and pet rat, then they will need different cages to live in. That is because there is a chance that the rat will kill the mouse. They have different needs and food and should be kept apart. On the other hand, if you have an infestation then you’ll find that they will live together in close proximity, however they will nest in different areas and as long as there is enough food, they will live together – but if the food runs out, the rats will kill the mice.  

Do rodents live alone? 

Most rodents are sociable creatures. Mice, guinea pigs and rats are very sociable and love company. Some rodents are solitary and live on their own, the Syrian hamster is an example of this. If you want more than one rodent as a pet, choose a sociable breed so you can have more than one in a habitat. However, if you want different rodents as pets, ensure you house them separate, away from each other. 

What is the friendliest rodent pet? 

While hamsters, guinea pigs and gerbils are most popular, the friendliest rodents are rats as they are very sociable and live in large cooperative communities in the wild. They are also very intelligent which makes them great pets.  

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