Can Hamsters and Guinea Pigs Mate?

Can hamsters and guinea pigs mate?

Can hamsters and guinea pigs mate? 

Can hamsters and guinea pigs mate? 

Can hamsters and guinea pigs mate? No hamsters and guinea pigs cannot mate, at least not with each other! While both hamsters and guinea pigs are rodents, they are different breeds and can’t be cross bred. They would fight rather than mate and any hypothetical offspring would not live.  

Can hamsters have babies with guinea pigs? 

No hamsters and guinea pigs can’t have babies together because they are different breeds. While they are both rodents, that doesn’t mean that they can be bred. Squirrels are rodents too, but I’m sure you don’t expect them to breed with a hamster. Hamsters can have lovely little babies with other hamsters and guinea pigs best breed with other guinea pigs. Hamsters are solitary animals and would attack a guinea pig viciously when placed in the same cage. 


Can guinea pigs mate with other rodents? 

No, guinea pigs should only mate with other guinea pigs. When different rodents are placed together in a cage, fights can break out in which either or both can be seriously hurt or even killed.  

There is absolutely no reason to try to cross breed different rodents. It doesn’t produce viable offspring and is quite frankly mean. 

Can guinea pigs live in a hamster cage? 

 While guinea pig cages and hamster cages are very similar, guinea pigs need larger cages than hamsters. For both species the rule of the bigger the cage the better counts, though guinea pigs are larger and will need more space than hamsters overall. Guinea pigs also don’t need a wheel in their cage as this is highly dangerous for them. What both do need however, is a large floor space where they can rummage and explore.  

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Can I keep a guinea pig and a hamster together in a cage? 

While some people seem successful in housing hamsters with guinea pigs, most of the time it won’t work for several reasons: 

  • Guinea pigs live in family groups in nature while hamsters are solitary animals 
  • Some hamster breeds are very territorial, especially the syrian hamster 
  • Hamsters sleep during the day while guinea pigs are most active then  
  • Hamster wheels are important for hamsters but dangerous to guinea pigs 
  • Hamsters can be ferocious and will fight till death, which doesn’t mean the guinea pig will die but serious injuries can be expected.  

You could be putting your pets lives at risk trying to house them together.  

What are the mating habits of guinea pigs? 

Guinea pigs have clear mating signs which are easy to recognize: 

  • They have special mating calls which are a deep rumble, sometimes called motor-boarding. 
  • Males wiggle their hips while walking through the cage while calling out mating calls. 
  • They do a mating dance which looks like they’re vibrating and hopping from one leg to the other. This is to show dominance to both males and females in the group.  
  • Males then run around the cage trying to mate the chosen female. 
  • They will sniff each other out  
  • Males will stand on their hind legs to show dominance and to point out the obvious, that he’s ready to mate. 
  • The male will mount the female to mate. 

Can Syrian hamsters and guinea pigs play together? 

No, they cannot as syrian hamsters are notoriously territorial and will attack the guinea pig without a doubt. The guinea pig can end up being seriously hurt. Do not put any kind of hamster together with another species. Ever.  

Can dwarf hamsters and guinea pigs play together? 

While dwarf hamsters are less territorial than the syrian hamster, they will still show aggressive behavior towards other species, and while hamsters are small, they can be very ferocious and can seriously hurt your guinea pig. Don’t risk it.  

Can a hamster kill a guinea pig? 

Yes, a hamster can kill a guinea pig. While it might not be directly, it can inflict serious injuries which can be deadly. Even though there is a big size difference between a hamster and a guinea pig, hamsters are territorial, aggressive, and fight ferociously when they find another creature in their territory.  

Can hamsters and guinea pigs eat the same food? 

No, they have different dietary needs. Hamsters are omnivores which means they eat meat while guinea pigs are herbivores which means they’re vegetarian. Hamsters need more protein in their food while guinea pigs need Vitamin C added to their diet as they cannot make this themselves.  

Can a hamster get pregnant by itself? 

While a hamster is in heat every 4 days and has therefore lots of opportunities to become pregnant, the female still needs a male to impregnate her. A female hamster can’t get pregnant by herself.  

How do I know if my hamsters pregnant? 

Female hamsters are pregnant for just 3 weeks and only toward the end of her pregnancy might you see a slight increase in size in her lower abdomen. While she can have very large litters, normally between 6 and 12 but sometimes as many as 20 pups, she doesn’t show a big belly while pregnant. Just before birth she will be very restless and start nesting by collecting soft materials and creating a nest to give birth.  

Which is easier to take care of a hamster of guinea pig? 

Guinea pigs and hamsters are just as easy to look after as each other. Guinea pigs are messier. They are also noisier during the day and hamsters can be noisy during the night. They both need a large enough cage, good food, stimulation and attention.  

Which is more friendly a hamster of a guinea pig? 

Guinea pigs are more sociable as they live in groups rather than on their own like hamsters. Therefore, they like company and will be more receptive to your company, to petting and playing.  

At what age do female hamsters have periods 

Female hamsters have an estrous cycle rather than a menstrual cycle, which means the lining of the uterus is absorbed by the body, rather than shed like in humans, so there’s next to no blood. This can start at the early of 4 weeks. 

Are wheels bad for guinea pigs? 

Guinea pigs can’t bend their back backwards like hamsters can, which means they cannot run on a hamster wheel. They have a big chance of seriously injuring themselves if they tried.  

Do guinea pigs smell worse than hamsters? 

Hamsters are the smellier animal as they are more likely to mark their territory. On top of that they store food, and when fresh foods, especially fruits, aren’t removed from the cage daily, it will start to smell quickly. Clean out their cage daily and remove poop, dirty bedding and left-over food so you can keep any smells in check.  

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