Can Hamsters Eat Rice Crispies?

Can hamsters eat rice crispies

Can hamsters eat rice crispies and if so, how many and how often?

Can Hamsters eat rice crispies?

Hamsters can eat rice crispies as long as it’s part of a healthy balanced diet, and you give them rice crispies which are low in salt and sugar. The more natural the better. You should give your hamster small portions as well, and only every so often. Don’t make it a habit to give your hamster cereal every time you eat breakfast! There are many healthier treat options for your hamster which he will love just the same. Raw grains, green vegetables and small bits of fruit are all great treat options for your hamster. If you feed your hamster too many empty calories they might be hungry while eating continuously!

Can hamsters eat Rice Krispies Treats? 

Can hamsters eat rice krispies treats? Yes, they can. However, as a toasted piece of rice, you wouldn’t think there’s anything in them that could technically harm your hamster. Unfortunately there is as rice krispies are often loaded with sugar and salt among other additives. So keep in mind to buy low sugar and salt versions and not to overfeed your hamster on rice crispies, so they refuse their healthy foods.

What cereals are hamsters allowed? 

Hamsters shouldn’t really be eating anything with added sugar, as a base rule. Any whole grain food or cereal is good for them, such as cornflakes, rice krispies and other such examples. The thing with treats, is if you give them too much, they may not eat their regular food that contains all the necessary vitamins  

Is rice bad for hamsters? 

No, you can give your hamster rice, but in moderation, as too much of anything outside its regular diet is not good for your hamsters health. Any kind of rice is ok and can be given in very small portions to avoid overeating or pickiness against their normal food.  

Can hamsters have crisp? 

However, much you like crisps yourself, they really aren’t the best food to give to your hamster. Therefore, you shouldn’t feed your hamster crisps. They contain a lot of ingredients which are bad for your pet, such as fatty oils and salt that can contribute to obesity and diabetes in the long run. Hamsters do also have a sensitive digestive system so it’s best to stick to more healthy food and snack choices. Avoid any kinds of food which are processed and have lots of additives, salt and sugar. 

Can hamsters drink milk? 

Milk isn’t very good for hamsters, as they may not be able to handle the lactose. Hamster’s milk is vastly different to cow’s milk, so it’s best to stick to water. While it might sound boring to us, hamsters are absolutely fine just drinking clean water. Make sure they always have enough fresh water in either an automatic drink bottle or a bowl. 

What do hamsters love the most? 

Treats probably make your hamster the happiest. Who doesn’t love a good snack! Your hamster’s favorite food will change with hamsters, but they tend to especially love leafy greens such as dandelion greens, or any other hamster-safe veggies. Not only do they love them, they are also very good for them. So, it’s a win-win situation! 

What should hamsters not eat? 

There are many things not good for hamsters, including the pits and seeds from a lot of different fruits, overly sugary or processed foods. Ideally, they should just eat what makes them healthiest, but the occasional hamster safe-food is ok. There is a longer article outlining what hamsters can and can’t eat here.  

Are cereals good for hamsters? 

Any non-sugary cereals are good for hamsters. Things like rice krispies and corn flakes are a good go to, but in very minimal amounts. Anything sugar coated such as Frosties and Chieros should never be given to your hamster, as the high levels of sugar can make their blood levels spike which could be dangerous.  

Can hamsters eat cereal? 

Yes, you can give your hamster cereal which is good as most hamsters love it. You should go for plain varieties. Nothing that is overly processed, as it can be very bad for your hamster. Anything with grains and non-sugary is safe for your hamster. Make sure you research your cereal beforehand to make sure it hasn’t got added sugars and salt. (Or at least as less as possible!) 

What cereals can hamsters eat? 

You can give your hamster all kinds of cereals, like cornflakes, rice puffs and cheerios. You can also give them muesli and sometimes cereals like granola. You will need to read the labels and find varieties with the least salt and sugar added. The more natural the better it will be for your hamster (and yourself).  

Can hamsters eat rice krispies 

Yes, rice krispies are just puffed-up rice, and rice is okay for hamsters to eat. Again, stick to the plain ones. Avoid the chocolate rice krispies and frosted ones as they can make your hamster ill.  Chocolate is toxic to hamsters, and too much sugar can be dangerous too. Small amounts of rice krispies as part of a healthy diet full of vegetables, seeds, fruit and nuts is absolutely fine. 

Can hamsters eat rice crispy treats? 

Yes, rice krispies are a good treat for hamsters, but they should always be giving in tiny portions, as otherwise the hamster may develop a taste for them and not eat their regular food, which could be detrimental to your hamsters health. Add lots of green vegetables to their diet. 

Can dwarf hamsters eat rice krispies? 

They are fine to give to dwarf hamsters, along with all other rodents, which makes it a very good treat to give to your furry friends.  

Can Syrian hamsters eat rice krispies? 

Syrian hamsters can also have rice krispies as a treat, though there are healthier options available like broccoli, grains, brown rice and seeds. It can become a habit to give your hamster some rice krispies when you are having your breakfast. Just make sure you both eat the healthiest ones you can find. 

What can hamsters eat for treats 

There’s a range of good treats for hamsters. As a rule of thumb, the more natural the treat, the healthier it tends to be. You can give anything from rice, to non-sugary cereals to a boiled egg. They are rodents and omnivorous, so they’ll eat a wide range of foods. The go to treats of course are anything healthy, such as carrots and dandelion greens, but you can have variation in this and have processed treats sometimes as well.  

What can and can’t my hamster eat? 

Your hamster can eat most vegetables, fruits, seeds and nuts. Besides that, you can give grains and some cereals. They should always stick to plain clean water. Milky drinks are not good to give your hamster. Some fruits to avoid are citrus fruits and raw rhubarb. Also avoid raw potatoes and garlic. For a full list, see here. Hamsters can have most plain human foods such as cereals and crackers. The general guidelines you should follow is always feeding your hamster relatively healthy treats, such as veggies instead of cereal.  

What do your hamsters eat? 

Hamsters should eat a good quality hamster pellet everyday as their base meal. This provides all the needed nutrients and vitamins needed for a healthy hamster. Some people prefer to give seed mixes which is fine but in either case you should add fresh vegetables and fruit to their diet. These are great healthy snacks.

Diabetes diet hamsters 

If you want to avoid your hamster to suffer from diabetes, and you don’t know where to start with having a new diet, first cut out sugary foods and treats. This is vital for avoiding diabetes and is better for your hamsters health in general. You can get special low sugar diet food for hamsters, and they should eat this as replacement for their normal food. Also start giving them a higher fat and carb diet and make sure they exercise regularly to ensure they stay healthy. If you hamster suffers from diabetes, then your vet will have diagnosed your hamster and you will need to speak to your vet to adjust your hamsters diet.

Cereal for robo hamsters 

Robo hamsters are ok eating plain cereals and oats, the same as other hamsters are. Make sure you give plain cereal and small portions to avoid overeating and pickiness towards their regular healthier food. Unfortunately this is common in hamsters and they might end up snubbing the healthy snacks for sugary ones.

Can hamsters eat Weetabix? 

Yes, hamsters can eat it, but only as a treat, as it with all cereals. They have no nutritional value, meaning they shouldn’t replace the regular diet. A great way to give grains to hamsters is to actually just give the raw grain to them as these aren’t processed and will have the most nutritional value. While we think a lot about our food and sometimes eat what we fancy rather than what is healthy for us, your hamster is dependent on you. They won’t miss processed food when it’s never given. And there is no clear indication that they prefer the processed version to the raw whole grain either. So, keep it simple and go for raw rather than processed whenever you can.  

Can you feed plain rice to your hamster? 

You can give plain rice to your hamster though it’s best to stick with brown rice as this is the healthier option. Raw rice is also better than cooked rice as it won’t stick to the inside of your hamsters pouches (giving it a chance to rot there).  Rice does not have many vitamins or minerals and is more a filling food than a healthy food. If you give your hamster high quality pellets, then you can add vegetables, fruit, seeds and nuts to its diet and filling foods like rice are unnecessary though not harmful. However, if you mix your own hamster food then rice can be a great addition.  


The question we looked at is ‘Can hamsters eat rice crispies’. While the answer is yes, it’s recommended to give rice crispies only as a treat every so often and when you do, to go for the variant which has the least sugar and salt added.  

Unfortunately hamsters can develop a liking for sugary foods and end up refusing the healthier snacks. This can lead to health problems so it’s best to avoid this altogether.

Alternative treats for your hamster can be whole raw grains such as barley and wheat. Vegetables, especially the dark green ones. Fruits, though avoid citrus fruits. Seeds and nuts.  

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