Can hamsters Eat Cucumbers?

do hamsters eat cucumber

Hamsters have a relatively sensitive digestive system, and you want to make sure you feed your hamster the right foods for a healthy and happy live. In this series, we look at the food your hamster can and can’t eat. Today we look at whether hamsters can eat cucumbers safely. 

Can hamsters eat cucumbers?

Yes, cucumber is a terrific addition to your hamster’s diet, but only in moderation, as cucumbers are a high-water content food which can give your hamster diarrhea if eaten in too large quantities. Cucumber is very healthy for your hamster as it has many nutritional benefits and it’s an easy food to add to your hamster’s diet. 

What are cucumbers? 

Cucumbers are fruit rather than a vegetable and grow on vines along the ground or climb up on a trellis. They are long and green and come in various varieties. Some are for pickling, others for salad and they come in seeded and unseeded varieties. 

The skin is thick while the inside is soft which makes it easy for your hamster to eat.  

Is cucumber healthy for hamsters? 

Yes, cucumber is healthy for hamsters when given as part of a varied diet. It’s easy to give your hamster slices of cucumber and think that the vegetables are taken care of, but hamsters have a sensitive digestive system and care should be taken when feeding your hamster additional foods.  

Dry pellet food is best for your hamster to ensure they have a balanced diet full of nutrients and minerals. In addition, your hamster will need some vegetables, fruit and seeds/nuts. Cucumber is one of the foods hamsters tend to love and will benefit your hamster’s health.   

Either give your hamster a slice of cucumber twice a week or cut little bits up as part of a salad.  

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Salad with cucumber idea for your hamster

When you make your own salad, why not create a tiny dish for your hamster too? Rather than throwing away the ends of the vegetables, cut them up for your hamster instead. 

Make sure you wash all vegetables well, peel them or use organic veg, as many pesticides are detrimental to your hamsters health. 

Cut the vegetables into small pieces to make it easy for your hamster to chew and eat. Include:

  • Slice of cucumber 
  • Romaine lettuce  
  • Carrot 
  • Bell pepper 
  • Tiny amount of cheese 
  • Some watercress 
  • Couple of sunflower seeds 
  • Kale

Of course, you can substitute any or all of these hamster salad ingredients. Have a look at the safe food list for your hamster here. 

Can hamsters have cucumber as part of a healthy diet?

In this easy overview you can see that cucumber is a good addition to your hamsters healthy diet. There are different ways of giving your hamster cucumber and portion size and pesticides are the two things you need to look out for.

Cucumber Peel/skinYesLowLowK, B, CPesticidesPesticides are really bad for your hamster. Only give thoroughly washed or organic cucumber peel or skin
Cucumber SeedsYesLowLowK, B, CChoking hazard While most hamsters are fine eating cucumber seeds, some owners are scared their hamster will choke. In that case buy seedless cucumbers or remove the seeds
Cucumber FleshYesLowLowK, B, CNoneHamsters LOVE the flesh of cucumber and it’s really healthy for them when given in small portions
Salad with CucumberYesLowLowK, B, CDailyTeaspoon sized saladCombining cucumber with other vegetables, nuts, seeds and fruit is a fantastic way to give your hamster lots of different vitamins and nutrients for a healthy life!
Cucumber SliceYesLowLowK, B, C1-2 WeeklyCut thin slicesIf given too often or too much the high water content can give your hamster diarrhea which can lead to dehydration
Fig.1. Can Hamsters Eat Cucumber?

What nutrients are in cucumbers? 

Cucumber is a healthy, low calory food and it has many vitamins and minerals. Some important vitamins in cucumber are vitamin K, B and C. It also contains copper, potassium, magnesium and phosphorus. 

As cucumbers contain high levels of water and are a low calory food, it is particularly good for overweight hamsters to eat. As hamsters love eating and will nibble all day, overweight hamsters should not have much high-density food like seeds, meat and nuts. 

While cucumber is good for overweight hamsters, you will not want to put your hamster on a cucumber diet. The high-water content of the cucumber can give your hamster diarrhea which in turn can dehydrate your hamster.  

The dangers of feeding cucumbers to hamsters 

There are a couple dangers to consider when giving your hamster cucumber: 

  • Portion size – don’t give too much cucumber to your hamster as the high water content can lead to health issues.
  • Pesticides – always peel the cucumber or buy organic cucumbers as pesticides are particularly harmful to hamsters.
  • Choking hazard – some people worry about the seeds in cucumbers, so either remove them or buy seedless cucumbers. Most hamsters are absolutely fine with cucumber seeds and as they are healthy, you might want to see decide for yourself.

Can hamsters eat raw cucumber? 

Yes, hamsters can eat raw cucumber and most hamsters love it. It’s better to give your hamster small amounts several days of the week, than a large amount of cucumber in one day. 

Raw cucumber is better than boiled or steamed cucumbers and is the only way cucumbers should be consumed by your hamster. 

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Can hamsters eat cucumber skin? 

Hamsters can eat the skin or peel of cucumbers; however, pesticides are extremely bad for your little pet. If you are planning on giving your hamster cucumber skin, its recommended that you only give organic cucumbers. Otherwise wash the cucumber thoroughly or peel the skin off and give the cucumber flesh to your hamster. 

Can hamsters eat cucumber and tomato? 

While hamsters can safely eat cucumbers (and they LOVE it), tomatoes are not so good for your little friend. While hamsters can eat ripe tomatoes, they cannot and should never eat the greens of tomatoes. This includes the leaves, flowers as well as the stems of the tomato plant, as they contain a chemical called solanine which can produce tomatidine which is toxic to your hamster. As the tomato itself also contains solanine, although in smaller quantities, not everyone feels comfortable giving hamsters tomato. With so many healthy food choices for your hamster, you might want to consider skipping tomato for your hamster, however many hamsters eat tomato without any issues. 

Can hamsters eat cucumber seeds? 

While hamsters can eat cucumber seeds, they are the right size to get stuck in your hamster’s throat which can lead to choking.  Having said that, most hamsters will chew the cucumber with its seeds just fine and have no problem at all. So, if you are worried about your hamster gulping its food down and not chewing properly, simply remove the seeds from the cucumber. Don’t deny your hamster the cucumber altogether as it’s a very healthy snack full of vitamins and minerals. 

Is cucumber poisonous to hamsters? 

No, cucumber is not poisonous to hamsters the opposite is true. They are a great healthy food to add to your hamster diet. The skin can be bad for your hamster due to the pesticides. So, to be safe, either peel the cucumber or buy organic ones. Either way, you’ll still need to wash the cucumber thoroughly before offering it to your hamster friend. 

Can you give dwarf hamsters cucumber? 

Dwarf hamsters can safely eat cucumber. However, due to the small size of dwarf hamsters it’s really recommended to give just tiny amounts of cucumber at a time. Either give it as part of a small salad or give half a slice on its own, once or twice a week.  

How much cucumber can dwarf hamsters eat? 

Give small portions of cucumber as part of a salad so there is no chance of overfeeding your hamster. The salad should only be about a teaspoon in size and one a day will be sufficient for a dwarf hamster. 

Can russian dwarf hamsters eat cucumber? 

Yes, russian dwarf hamsters will also benefit from eating cucumber, but extra care needs to be taken to avoid giving them too much. Due to their small body size, you can quickly give too much cucumber. So tiny portions occasionally are better for dwarf hamsters. 

Why cucumbers are good for hamsters 

Cucumbers have lots of vitamins and minerals which are needed for growth and health in your hamster. Vitamin K and C are found plentiful in cucumbers, and these will help your hamster stay healthy.  

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Cucumber feeding tips, tricks and ideas 

  • Cucumber is a great treat your hamster can eat out of your hand. As you always need to be careful your hamster does not accidentally bite you (especially important for children) you want to hand feed your hamster only with larger food. It’s easy to bite bits of a slice of cucumber while you hold it. This means you can have close contact with your hamster without the risk of bites. 
  • You can create a small salad for your hamster the size of one or two teaspoons and add cucumber, lettuce, bell peppers, cheese, seeds or other foods your hamster loves. 
  • You can put a slice of cucumber on the bars of the cage by cutting the slice from the edge to the middle and placing it on the bar. Keep the skin on for a firmer grip. If the bars are a bit tight, you can use half a slice. 
  • If you are worried about your hamster choking on the seeds, just remove them, rather than denying cucumber altogether. 

Can Syrian hamsters eat cucumber? 

Syrian hamsters can eat cucumber without any problems. In fact, it’s a healthy addition to your normal dry hamster food. As syrian hamster are a larger hamster breed, you can give them a slice once or twice a week and enjoy watching your hamster nibbling away at this favorite food. 

Can hamsters eat too much cucumber? 

Yes, hamsters can eat too much food including cucumber. Hamsters love nibbling and would eat all day if given the chance. Too much is bad for all foods, as it can lead to obesity, heart disease and diabetes even in hamsters. Therefore, it’s best to offer your hamster healthy foods rather than anything sugary or processed. Cereals are a popular treat choice for example, but a bad one due to high sugar content. Cucumber is a much better food choice for a healthy and balanced diet.  

It should still be given in moderation though and only in small amounts. Too much cucumber can lead to digestive problems like diarrhea which can be fatal quickly in hamsters.  

What happens if my hamster gets diarrhea from eating too much cucumber? 

If your hamsters poop becomes loose after you have given them cucumber, keep a close eye on them. Diarrhea is dangerous to your hamster and if the consistency of their poop does not return to normal after 2 or 3 poops, contact your vet at once for advice.  

While diarrhea can be caused by cucumber, if your hamster gets cucumber often as part of a healthy diet, it could be that your hamster has diarrhea for a different reason, while it happened to have eaten cucumber. So don’t expect loose poop to be automatically caused by the cucumber. And always call your vet when in doubt or if diarrhea persists. 

What are the benefits of feeding my hamster cucumber? 

While cucumbers are often thought of as a vegetable, they are actually a fruit and a healthy snack for your hamster. About 10% of your hamster’s diet should consist of fruit and vegetables. Many fruits are high in sugar, with cucumber being an exception. This makes it a particularly good choice of fruit to add to your hammies diet.  

Will hamsters like cucumber? 

Hamsters love cucumber and will see it as a tasty treat. As most people will have cucumbers in the fridge from time to time, it’s also an easy treat to give to your hamster. When given in small quantities it will be a great addition to your hamsters diet and a treat to your hamster. 

How to feed cucumber to your hamster 

There are different ways of feeding your hamster cucumber: 

  1. A popular option is as part of a small salad 
  1. Put a slice in the cage for your hamster to find 
  1. Stick a slice to the bars of the cage by slicing into the cucumber from the edge to the middle 
  1. Hand feed cucumber to your hamster as there is enough space between the edge of the cucumber and your fingers.  

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How much cucumber can syrian hamsters eat? 

Give cucumber is small amounts to your syrian hamster. A slice once or twice a week is sufficient or more often as part of a small salad works well too. 

How much cucumber can robo hamsters eat? 

Robo hamsters will greatly benefit from eating cucumber due to its minerals and vitamins. It will help your robo hamster stay healthy and active and will avoid obesity and diabetes. Small portions are advised though as too much can cause diarrhea which will not be pleasant for your hamster. It can also lead to dehydration. A small slice once or twice a week will be enough for your robo hamster to reap the benefits of this healthy fruit. 

What part of the cucumber should you feed your hamster? 

Skin: you can give the skin or peel of the cucumber to your hamster as it has many nutrients, though preferably only from organic cucumbers. Pesticides are extremely bad for your hamster, so if organic is not an option, remove the skin from the cucumber before you offer it to your hamster.  

Flesh: the flesh is perfect for your hamster as its full of vitamins and minerals and its nice and soft so it’s easy to eat. This makes small amounts a perfect additional food for baby hamsters over the age of 12 weeks (about 3 months) as well.  

Seeds: while hamsters can eat the seeds of cucumbers without issues, the size of the seeds concerns some hamster owners as they are just the right size to get stuck in your hamster’s throat. If this is a concern to you, just remove the seeds or buy a seedless variety. Having said that, most hamsters will be absolutely fine eating the seeds and will benefit from the nutrients in the seeds as well.  

What else should you feed your hamster? 

Hamsters are omnivores and a healthy hamster diet consists of high-quality hamster food which you buy in the shop. On top of that they need a daily dose of fruit and vegetables with some added seeds, nuts and insects.  

Can you feed cucumber to baby hamsters? 

Yes, you can feed cucumber to baby hamsters as its nice and soft for them to eat. Cucumbers also contain a lot of water, and while it’s not good to give too much high-water containing foods, baby hamsters do need to have enough fluid. So, cucumbers are a very good food for baby hamsters. Just give tiny amounts, like a quarter of a slice at a time. 

Don’t forget to take any leftovers out of the cage after a couple of hours as cucumber goes off quickly. 

Can hamsters have high-water content foods like cucumbers? 

Yes, hamsters can have high-water content foods like cucumber in addition to their normal pellet food. It’s actually very healthy for your hamster to have cucumber. Besides the obvious benefits of vitamin and minerals in fruit and vegetables, highwater content foods are good to keep your hamster hydrated. 

However, large amounts of highwater content food can have the opposite effect and dehydrate your pet friend. High water foods can upset your hamster’s digestive system and cause diarrhea which can be lethal. So only give in high water content foods in small quantities. 

What should hamsters typically eat? 

You need to make sure your hamster has a healthy diet so he can stay healthy, active and happy.  

A healthy hamster diet consists of: 

  • 85% high-quality dry hamster food  
  • 10% vegetables and fruit 
  • 5% seeds, nuts and dried insects (mealworms and crickets) 
  • fresh timothy hay daily 
  • fresh (filtered) water once or twice daily  

What vegetables can hamsters eat daily? 

Some of vegetables hamsters can eat daily are broccoli, romaine lettuce, carrots, dandelions and kale. Find a complete list of healthy foods for your hamster here. 

What foods are poisonous to hamsters? 

There are some things you should never give your hamster as they are toxic and could even kill them. Pickles for example, are a food you should never give them. While pickles are cucumbers, they are toxic to your hamster as they are put in vinegar which is really bad for your hamster friend. 

Can hamsters eat pickles 

No hamsters can’t eat pickles as they have been placed in vinegar which is toxic to your hamster. While pickles are made from cucumbers, they no longer have the same nutritional benefits for your hamster and can make your hammie severely ill.  

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