Can Hamsters Eat Cat Food?

can hamsters eat cat food

Can hamsters eat cat food? 

can hamsters eat cat food? While hamsters are omnivores and will therefore eat vegetation as well as meat, cat food is not suitable for hamsters to eat, especially the wet cat food. Cats and hamsters have different nutritional needs and it’s therefore important to buy hamster food which will be high in protein and will have all the vitamins and nutrients important for your hamster’s wellbeing. It’s unlikely your hamster will get ill if dry cat food is given occasionally, but it’s important to give your hamster a balanced diet suitable for their nutritional needs most of the time. 

Can hamsters eat wet dog food? 

Hamsters have a different digestive system to dogs and wet food is not suitable for hamsters at all, as it’s basically meat in jelly. The vet content is far too high for a hamster, and it contains too much meat. While hamsters do eat meat, they need far more vegetables, seeds, nuts and fruit.  

What can hamsters eat besides hamster food? 

You can give your hamster vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, kale or spinach. They also like small portions of fruit. Most hamsters like strawberries, bananas, apples, berries and pears. Seeds like sunflower seeds can be given in small portions and you can even give cheese, oats, cooked rice or boiled potatoes. Have a look at our food category for more information on what you can safely give your hamster to eat. 

What is the best food mix for hamsters?  

It’s best to give your hamster pellets as the bulk of their food and then complement this with vegetables and fruit. You can also add some mealworms, cheese, boiled egg and nuts. It’s best not to give your hamster seed mixes as their main food, however they are a great addition to their diet. 

What food do hamsters love the most? 

Hamsters love greens like broccoli, dandelion leaves, kale and romaine lettuce, and fruits like banana, apple, pear and strawberries. As hamsters are omnivores, they eat basically everything, though some things are very good for them, and some foods are poisonous or can make them ill. So, stick to the right foods or do your research here.  

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Can hamsters eat catnip? 

Catnip doesn’t have any effect on hamsters in the way it has on cats so there’s no reason to give it to hamsters for that reason. While catnip isn’t poisonous to hamsters, having a lot of it is likely to give them digestive problems. Where there are so many foods you can give your hamster, catnip is probably not something that needs to be on top of the list, however you can give it in small amounts should you want to. 

Are hamster food dispensers good? 

Food dispensers are very handy to put in your hamster’s cage, especially if you have days where you can’t feed your hamster. Your hamster will have a suitable amount of food everyday which is likely to stay cleaner than when given in a bowl. There are different types of food dispensers on the market. With some you can decide how much food dispensed per day; some make sure no dust comes free from the dry food, and of course there are many different shapes available. 

Will hamsters overeat? 

It’s unlikely that your hamster will overeat, even when their food bowl is empty regularly. As hamsters store food, they will eat however much they need and store the rest for a rainy day. If you feed your hamster fresh food, make sure you remove the store once a week to avoid rotting food laying around as this can make your hamster very ill.  

Should I get 1 or 2 hamsters? 

It’s good to remember that hamsters are not particularly social animals, so if you want more than one, stick to a dwarf hamster as they are less territorial. Important to note; unless you want lots of baby hamsters, make sure you are certain about their gender and don’t accidentally get a male and female. Even if they come from the same nest, they will breed! 

Which hamsters can’t live together? 

Syrian hamsters and Chinese hamsters are solitary and will be very territorial, this means they will attack any other hamster in their cage. Even if another hamster is placed in a cage nearby, they can become very stressed. Best to stick to one hamster at a time if you want to have either of these hamster breeds. 

Can hamsters eat cucumbers? 

You can give your hamster a slice of cucumber twice a week. As cucumber is very high in water, if you give too much your hamster can get diarrhea which is very dangerous for them. It can cause dehydration which can be fatal. Cucumber is very healthy for them though, so if you stick to small portions, it will be a great treat for your hammie. Make sure to remove any leftover cucumber at the end of the day so it doesn’t start rotting in the cage. 

What can I give my hamster if I have no more hamster food? 

If you run out of hamster food, try to give fresh food rather than a different pet’s food. You can give most vegetables (though green ones are best), fruit and seeds and nuts. You can bulk up the food by giving some boiled brown rice, or cooked potatoes. Try to get his or her normal dry hamster food as soon as you can, however, your hamster can happily live on fresh food for some time.  

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Do cats and hamsters get along? 

Cats naturally hunt rodents, kill them and then either eat them or bring them home to give to you. Even when your cat doesn’t go outside at all, that instinct is still there and there is a real chance your cat will attack your hamster. Having said that, some people have trained their cat to leave the hamster alone. Safest way is to cat proof your hamster cage so your cat can’t reach the hamster inside.  

Will a cat kill a hamster? 

Yes, it’s likely your cat will kill your hamster. It’s not that your cat is nasty, it’s just natural hunting instinct which is still very much alive in domesticated cats. They are natural predators and love to hunt small prey, including your hamster. The cat will play with the hamster – though not in the playful happy way you’d like to see – until your hamster is dead. While some cats have become lazy and aren’t bothered about hunting anything, best not to risk it. 

Are hamsters afraid of cats? 

Hamsters are most definitely afraid of cats, as cats are natural predators, and the little hamster knows it. Cats are many times larger, so your hamster will hide from the cat and hope he will get away unseen. Having a cat near a hamster is stressful for the hamster, so try to keep them separate as much as possible and cat proof your hamsters cage. 

Would my cat eat my hamster? 

Once your cat catches your hamster and plays with it till it dies, then there is a good chance that your hamster will be eaten by your cat. This is not always true, as my cat brings mice she catches inside and leaves them after she has killed them. She might prefer the cat food I give her rather than eat the mouse. However, the natural predatory instinct is there, and she will kill my hamster if I give her the chance.  

How to keep a cat and a hamster in your home 

Cats are not only predatory animals, but they are also curious and always on the lookout for something to hunt, investigate or explore (unless they’re sleeping of course). This means that they listen out for rustling and see anything that moves. Whether this is a fly or a spider, if it moves or makes a sound, your cat will surely spot it. So where does this leave your hamster? 

The most important thing to do is to buy a hamster cage which has bars close together so your cat can’t get their paws into the cage. This means that even if the cat tries, there’s no way to get to the hamster. If you have a lazy cat, chances are that all will be calm and fine. However, if your cat is more active and loves hunting, there is a big chance that your cat will never leave your hamster alone, even though your cat knows she can’t get into the cage. This will be super stressful for your hamster. And while you safe your hamster from being eaten, you probably lose it to a stress related disease. With an active hunting cat, just put the hamster in room where the cat doesn’t have access to it unless you let them in.  

What food can kill hamsters? 

Foods that you should never give your hamster are typically the kind of foods that are bad for us as well, but where your hamster is so small, it will affect them much more and much quicker than us. These include foods which have, alcohol, chocolate, pesticides, sugar and salt. Besides that, you shouldn’t give your hamster fruit pips and seeds, rhubarb leaves, raw rhubarb, garlic or citrus fruit. 

Do hamsters need fresh food every day? 

Hamster pellets have all the vitamins and minerals in them which hamsters need for a balanced diet, however, it’s important to also give your hamster fresh fruit and vegetables daily as well as these have lots of fiber and extra vitamins and minerals. They are also high in water, so your hamster doesn’t dehydrate. A great way to give vegetables and fruit as well as seeds and nuts is to make a little hamster salad where you combine different kinds of food and create a 1 or 2 teaspoon salad, so your hamster gets a varied diet.  

What is dangerous for hamsters? 

  • Some foods are dangerous for hamsters, like raw beans, raw potatoes and food with too many pesticides.  
  • Stress is dangerous for hamsters and unfortunately, they are prone to this; it causes severe illness and a shortened lifespan. Other pets, such as cats as well as other hamsters can cause stress, as well as moving their cage regularly.  
  • Lastly, housing your hamster in a small cage is dangerous as it often leads to cage rage which is a serious disease for your hamster.  
  • Swimming and bathing; hamsters are naturally scared of water

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