Are Oranges Toxic to Hamsters?

Are Oranges Toxic to Hamsters?

Are Oranges Toxic to Hamsters? You might be wondering what kind of snack to give your hamster from time to time, after all, hamster pellets look boring to eat day in day out. It’s tempting to give your hamster a piece of whatever you are eating, but which kind of fruits can you give your hamster? Today we look whether hamsters can safely eat oranges: 

Are oranges toxic to hamsters? Yes, oranges are toxic to hamsters as oranges upset your hamster’s digestive system, which leads to tummy upset. This can cause diarrhea and in turn dehydration. This can lead to serious illness and even death. You should never give your hamster citrus fruits, including orange, lemon, any color grapefruit, satsumas and tangerines.  

It’s important you feed your hamster well. This means a well-balanced diet which includes lots of vegetables, some seeds, nuts and fruits. As hamsters are omnivores, they also eat meat.  

Are oranges toxic to hamsters? 

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Are citrus fruits toxic to hamsters? 

Citrus fruits are not toxic as such; however, they cause havoc in your hamster’s stomach and can lead to serious illness. Therefore, never give citrus fruits to your hamster, not even the sweeter citrus fruits. Also, stay clear from the peel. This includes oranges, lemons, grapefruit, satsumas and tangerines. The good news is that your hamster is likely to shy away from the smell of citrus fruit so the chance that your hamster will eat some is quite small.

Are grapefruits safe for hamsters? 

No, grapefruits are not safe to eat for hamsters as the acidity in grapefruits upsets your hamster’s digestive system. If that happens, your hamster can get diarrhea, also known as wet tail. This is particularly dangerous for hamsters as it a lead to dehydration and possibly death

Easy overview to see if you can give your hamster orange:

Feed HamsterWhy
Orange FleshNoTo acidic
Orange PeelNoToo acidic, pesticides, wax
Orange PipsNoChocking hazard
Clementine FleshNoTo acidic
Clementine PeelNoToo acidic, pesticides, wax
Clementine PipsNoChocking hazard
Mandarin FleshNoTo acidic
Mandarin PeelNoToo acidic, pesticides, wax
Mandarin PipsNoChocking hazard
Satsuma FleshNoTo acidic
Satsuma PeelNoToo acidic, pesticides, wax
Satsuma PipsNoChocking hazard

Fig. 1. Is Orange Toxic to hamsters? 

What happens if hamster eats orange? 

With a bit of luck, nothing happens, however, chances are that your hamster gets an upset stomach and ends up being seriously ill with diarrhea. Best case scenario is that your hamster feels miserable for a couple of days, worst case scenario is that your hamster gets very ill with diarrhea and dehydration. 

Can hamsters eat orange peels? 

No, hamsters should not eat orange peels as these are still too acidic for their stomachs. It should be noted that most other fruit peels are unsuitable to eat for most hamsters as well due to high levels of pesticides. On top of that most orange peels are waxed which makes it even more unsuitable as a food. Best is to only give your hamster the flesh of fruit or to go organic. 

What fruits are bad for hamsters? 

All citrus fruits are bad for hamsters and should be kept away from your hamster. Other fruits which are more unsuitable rather than bad are dragon fruit due to the high amount of seeds as well as passion fruit (for the same reason).

What should I feed my hamster? 

The most important thing is to make sure that your hamster has a varied diet which has all the vitamins and minerals he needs to be healthy. The ASPCA recommends feeding your hammy on high quality hamster pellets as their main food source. They have lots of different vegetables, grains and fruit and are often fortified with vitamins as well. The key here is not to go for cheap food, but to read the labels. Don’t buy pellets with lots of additives and artificial colors. 

Often the pellets have cheap staples like corn which is not actually that good. Try to find one which has more grain. Also make sure it has vegetables and seeds in.  

On top of the daily hamster pellets, you can give your hamster vegetables, fruit, seeds, nuts and mealworms.  

What fruits can I feed my hamster? 

You can feed your hamster most fruits. You will want to keep high water fruits like watermelon and cucumber to a minimum by giving them once or twice a week and only in small portions. The same for very high sugar fruits like bananas and mangoes. 

Here is a list of some fruits which are suitable to give to your hamster. There are many more, but this list should give you enough choice to give your hamster variation and lots of tasty snacks: 

  • Banana 
  • Raspberries 
  • Blueberries 
  • Blackberries 
  • Peach 
  • Mango 
  • Apple 
  • Pear 
  • Kiwi 
  • Cherries 
  • Watermelon 
  • Cantaloupe 
  • Nectarines 
  • Plums 

What food can kill your hamster? 

There are certain foods which humans love to eat which are really unsuitable for hamsters.  

  • Food and drinks with caffeine 
  • Foods high in salt and/or sugar  
  • Anything with large amounts of pesticides and additives. 

Basically, everything that has been processed, with the exception of your hamster food pellets.  

It’s not that these foods would kill your hamster instantly, but it will make them ill which can lead to short term demise or long term illnesses.  

While alcohol will not kill your hamster, it’s something you really shouldn’t give your hamster either.  


Can hamsters eat mandarin oranges? 

Mandarin oranges are nice and sweet, and you would therefore think they are okay for your hamster to eat. But it’s best to keep all citrus fruit away from your hamster as all citrus fruits are too acidic regardless of their sweetness.  

Can hamsters eat clementine’s? 

Clementine’s are also part of the citrus family and should therefore not be given to a hamster. Find different fruits to feed you hamster, like banana or strawberries. 

Can hamsters eat mandarin peels? 

Mandarin peels are still sour and could upset your hamster’s digestive system. On top of that many fruit peels are full of pesticides which are particularly bad for hamsters. It’s best to stick to the flesh of fruit rather than peels or skins. Also avoid seeds in fruits. Make sure you wash the fruit thoroughly even when you don’t feed to peel. Alternatively, buy organic.  

Can robo hamsters eat mandarin oranges? 

No robo hamsters should not eat mandarin oranges as they are too sour for your robo hamsters stomach. It will make him ill and even though mandarin oranges are healthy for humans, they really are not for hamsters.  

Can Dwarf hamsters have oranges? 

Dwarf hamsters shouldn’t eat oranges due to the acidic nature of oranges. As dwarf hamsters are more prone to diabetes you want to be extra careful with what you feed them. High sugar fruits should be avoided, unless you give very small bits once or twice a week. Apple would be a great alternative to high sugar fruits or orange.  

Is orange safe for hamsters? 

No orange is not safe for your hamster and while it’s a great source of vitamin C, the high acidity gives your hamster real problems and can cause serious illness.  

Can hamsters eat watermelon? 

Yes, hamsters can eat watermelon and most of them absolutely love it. As watermelon is high in water it can give your hamster diarrhea which can lead to dehydration and can be very dangerous for hamsters. Watermelon is very healthy for your hamster and you want to ensure your hamster gets a varied diet to ensure the get all vitamins and minerals needed, you will need to stick to small portions no more than a couple of days a week.  

Can hamsters eat mango? 

Yes, hamsters can eat mango and it’s a very good fruit to add to your hamsters’ diet. As mango is high in sugar, you might not want to give too much to your dwarf hamster or your Chinese hamster as they are more prone to diabetes and should have a low sugar diet.  

Can hamsters eat banana? 

Yes, hamsters can eat banana without a problem. Hamster breeds prone to diabetes, like dwarf hamsters and Chinese hamsters, should have small portions no more than twice a week. Apples, cucumber and pear might be better fruit options to give to these. 

Conclusion: are oranges toxic to hamsters? 

Are Oranges Toxic to Hamsters? Yes, orange is toxic and will give your hamster diarrhea. Diarrhea can be very dangerous to hamsters as it dehydrates them. It’s not just the flesh of the orange you should avoid. Make sure you don’t give your hamster any orange peel or seeds either. 

All citrus fruits are bad for your hamster’s digestive system. This includes oranges, grapefruit, lemons, mandarins and clementine. 

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