Are grapefruits toxic to hamster? 

Are grapefruits toxic to hamster

Sometimes you want to give your hamster some different kinds of food and treats. Hamster pellets look quite boring, and nobody wants to eat the same food day in day out, right? So, what can you treat your hamster with? Today we look at feeding your hamster grapefruit. Should you or should you not? 

Are grapefruits toxic to hamster?  Grapefruits are not toxic itself but will have a toxic effect on your hamster. The high amount of citric acid will upset your hamster’s digestive system by making it too acidic. This can cause tummy upset which can lead to diarrhea which in turn can dehydrate your hamster. Because this can cause serious illness in your hamster you shouldn’t feed grapefruit – or any citrus fruits – to your hamster, ever. Stick to sweet fruits, like apple, banana, strawberries etc. or even better, vegetables. 

Are grapefruits toxic to hamsters? 

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Can hamsters eat grapefruit? 

It’s best never to feed your hamster grapefruit at all, to avoid an upset digestive system and diarrhea. There are lots of different types of fruit which your hamster will absolutely love, so why not stick to these rather than risking your hamster getting ill. The acidity in all citrus fruits will have a bad effect on your hamster’s health.  

Can hamsters eat red grapefruit? 

Hamsters should not be fed red grapefruits either. Even though they are sweeter than the white grapefruits, they are still far too sour for your hamster. Even small quantities any kind of grapefruit will upset your hamster’s digestive system which will lead to diarrhea. Diarrhea itself can be deadly to hamsters. With so many food options for your hamster, besides high-quality hamster pellets, there is really no need to risk your hamster’s health by feeding it grapefruit. Stick to fruits like apples, bananas, strawberries, peaches, raspberries, blueberries, and pears. Your hamster will thank you for it.  

What happens if I give my hamster grapefruit 

If you have given your hamster a tiny weeny bit of grapefruit, and he ate it, your hamster might be ok. However, you risk your hamster’s digestive system to be upset by giving him grapefruit, which will show roughly in the following way: 

Firstly, your hamster’s behavior will change. Where before they would like to be petted, they might not now. They could also be out of their normal routine, where they don’t exercise or eat. 

Secondly, they will become still in their bed, or somewhere in their cage without moving to another location for a very long time.  

Thirdly, your hamster’s poop will be loose or will look like diarrhea.  

Lastly, your hamster becomes seriously ill or with a lot of luck, survives. 

Can hamsters eat grapefruit and which parts; in one overview:

Red GrapefruitNoToo acidic
White GrapefruitNoToo acidic
Grapefruit SkinNoToo acidic / pesticides
Grapefruit seedsNoChoking hazard

Fig.1 Can hamsters eat grapefruit?

Is citrus poisonous to hamsters? 

Citrus is not poisonous to hamsters to the point of them immediately dropping dead if they eat any citrus, however, where citrus fruit gives your hamster a tummy upset, which caused diarrhea which in turn can lead to dehydration, your hamster could become seriously ill. Therefore, all citrus fruits should be avoided as lemons, oranges and grapefruits have toxic effects on your hamster.  

What fruits are bad for hamsters? 

There are not many fruits which are bad for hamsters, which is good news as many hamsters love to have some fruit as a treat. On top of that, fruit is very healthy for your hammy, especially as part of a well-balanced diet. Some fruits, however, are bad for hamsters, this includes citrus fruits and rhubarb.  

Fruit peels are often best to be removed from your hamster’s diet due to pesticide levels which are very harmful to your hamster. 

Can Dwarf hamsters have grapefruits? 

No dwarf hamsters should never be given grapefruit as it can lead to severe illness. Grapefruit, as other citrus fruits are too high in acidity which causes your hamster to get ill.  

Can syrian hamsters have grapefruits? 

No syrian hamsters can’t have grapefruit as the bitterness in the grapefruit will make your hamster ill. Even though syrians are larger than other hamster breeds, its digestive system still doesn’t agree with food high in acidity, so all citrus fruits should be off the menu for your syrian hamster. 

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Can hamsters eat fruit? 

Yes, hamsters can eat fruit, though not all hamsters are very keen on fruit and not all fruit is good for hamsters either.  

Dwarf hamsters are more prone to diabetes for example, and should have less fruit, especially the sugary kind. However, fruit should be offered as part of a healthy diet for your hamster and is a great choice if you want to give your hamster a treat.  

A good idea is to balance the sugar and high-water content in many fruits, with green vegetables and some seeds or nuts, so you offer a balanced meal.  

Not all fruit peels are good for hamsters, often because they contain a lot of pesticides, which are particularly harmful for hamsters. When in doubt, remove the skin of the fruit and offer the flesh. Same for fruit pips. Best not to offer these if you’re not sure, as they could be poisonous or pose a risk of choking.  

Some fruits which most hamsters absolutely love include: 

  • Banana 
  • Apple 
  • Pear 
  • Cherries 
  • Peach 
  • Blueberries 
  • watermelon 

How much fruit should I give my hamster? 

You should restrict the amount of fruit you give your hamster to once or twice a week if you give fruit on its own. You could give your hamster fruit every day if it’s part of a hamster salad which is well balanced with fruit, (green) vegetables and seeds.  

If you opt for hamster salads, you will end up giving the same amount of fruit over the week, it’s just spread out over smaller portions.  

The things you need to look out for are high water content fruits, like watermelon and cucumbers as they can give your hamster diarrhea which in turn can lead to dehydration which is very dangerous for your hamster. 

High sugar fruits should be given in even smaller quantities as this can lead to diabetes to which hamsters are prone.  

Can hamsters eat citrus fruits? 

While they can eat citrus fruits, it can make them seriously ill and should therefore be avoided at all times as a food source for your hamster. Stick to the many fruits your hamster can eat safely. 

What citrus fruits can hamsters not eat? 

Hamsters should not have any citrus fruits at all, this includes lemons, oranges, grapefruit, tangerines and satsumas. All citrus fruits are too bitter and acidic to your hamster’s digestive system.  

Can hamsters eat oranges? 

It’s best not to give your hamster any type of citrus fruit, this includes oranges, grapefruit, lemons, satsumas and tangerines. Their bodies really don’t react well to the bitterness of citrus fruits.  

Is anything poisonous to hamsters? 

Most poisonous foods to hamsters are: 

  • chocolate 
  • heavily processed foods 
  • salty and sugary foods 
  • high concentrates of pesticides 
  • Alcohol 

Don’t give your hamster any of the above, ever. Then there are foods which are not poisonous but are bad for your hamster all the same. Some examples are citrus fruits, raw potatoes, rhubarb, onions and raw meats. 

Can hamsters eat kiwi? 

Kiwi has been debated as a food for hamsters, but in reality, you can give the flesh of a kiwi to your hamster once or twice a week without a problem. Give it on its own or as part of a hamster salad. As kiwi has high sugar content, give small portions.  

What citrus fruit can hamsters not eat? 

Hamsters should not eat any kind of citrus fruit as all citrus fruits give them an upset tummy. Hamsters can get ill very quickly and it’s not always clear what’s wrong with them. Diarrhea – also known as wet tail – is a serious condition which is detrimental to many hamsters and can be caused by citrus fruit.  

Conclusion:  Are grapefruits toxic to my hamster? 

In short, the bitterness and acidity in grapefruits make it a very bad food choice for your hamster. It can cause an upset digestive system and can then to lead to severe illness. This includes all citrus fruits – grapefruits, oranges, lemons, satsumas and tangerines. 

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