20 Cute Hamsters (Cutest Hamster Ever!)

cute hamster (cutest hamsters ever)

Who doesn’t like cute hamsters? There are so many cute hamsters around, and even though many are featured on social media accounts, you couldn’t possibly find them all and connect with all.

So we decided to to do this for you. We will list the cutest hamsters in an easy overview, every month!

Because if you are a hamster lover, like I am, you won’t be able to scroll through this post without going aaaaahhhhh and more aaaaahhhhh until you reach the bottom of the page!

These are (in our view) the cutest hamsters for February 2022!

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20 Cute Hamsters – Our favorites this month! Enjoy!

Cute hamster eating cucumber
Source @justtwohappyhammies

This little hamster called Wanda, is so cute it’s hard not to go ‘ahhhhhh’. The lovely long whiskers and beautiful eyes makes me want to cuddle this little hammy forever!

Cute hamsters asleep in a sleeping bag
Source @pocketrobo

Are these two not just the cutest hamsters ever? Great account. Go and check them out.

Cute hamster dressed up with purse and extra long eye lashes
Source @snowbaby191107

With fake eyebrows and lashes, but still super cute!!

Hamster in rain with umbrella
Source @exp.hakkoda

Great account with 100’s of amazing hamster photos doing all sorts of things.

Hamster with orange hat on eating bok choy (Chinese cabbage)
Source @_smellytofu_

This little one makes me laugh as it’s so cute! I don’t know if it’s the little hat or the intenseness of eating the pan choi leaf. Either way he/she’s made it into the 20 cute hamsters list this month!

Let us know your favorite cute hamster in this list!

This one is as cute as anything. Is that a strawberry leaf on their head?

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Theodore from Sweden! Check out his account!

beautiful hamster with big ears
Source @woosahamster

Is this little one posing or just wondering what you just said? Awesome image and super cute hamster!

baby hamster putting hands over eyes as if to play hide and seek
Source @baby_animal.world

Ahhhhh who’s playing hide and seek? Too adorable!! Awesome!

grey hamster looking into the camera very surprised with ears back
Source @__lil_floof__

Look at those eyes!! So CUTE!

beige hamster looking into camera
Source @murasanchi_0301

This looks like a curious little cutie. Why doesn’t everyone in the world have a hamster? Can’t you see how cute they are??

grey hamster in hideout which looks like it has teddy bear ears
Source @comugi.ramune

This little hamster is lucky with a furry hideout which makes them look like they have a massive hat on their head!

baby hamsters in basket of hot air balloon
Source @zoohyddan

A box full of cuteness. Always amazes me how hamsters believe you can fit in many more hamsters than comfortable!

cute hamsters
Source @zoohyddan

The colouring on this hamster make it really cute and beautiful!

Source @life_of_laila_and_gajodhar

A fluffy hamster in a cup!

Source @pampiedammie

This is where the term ‘fluff ball’ has originated from! Awesome!

Source @ray.thehamster

That’s not the look of innocence on this hamsters face! But cute for sure!

Source @nico_syrian_hamster

We finish off our list with another ‘aaaahhhhhh’ moment.

We hope you liked our list of cute hamsters for this month. Of course all hamsters are super cute as far as we are concerned, but unfortunately we only have space for 20 cute hamsters every month!

No doubt your hamster deserves to be in this list. Or maybe your hamster is funny more than cute, in that case we have the funniest hamsters monthly celebration page as well!

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Looking forward to meeting your awesome hamster!!

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