Do Dwarf Hamsters Like to be Alone?

Do dwarf hamsters like to be alone?

Do dwarf hamsters like to be alone? 

Do dwarf hamsters like to be alone? While dwarf hamsters are the only breed which could live together with other (dwarf) hamsters, this doesn’t mean they will get on, and it’s important to keep an eye out. To minimize fighting, makes sure the living space is more than large enough to house all hamsters, there are several food and drink stations and several hiding places so all hamsters have more than enough and can separate themselves from the others.  

Do dwarf hamsters like to be alone? Short answer -they are OK with other dwarf hamsters if they are in a large enough cage so they can be on their own when they want to.

What do dwarf hamsters like to play with? 

A hamster wheel is a must for all hamsters as they walk large distances in the wild. They also need a wooden toy to bite to keep their teeth short and tunnels to run through, which can be homemade, or store bought. Most hamsters also like hamster balls in which you can place the hamster which will then run in the ball on the floor in the room.  

Do robo dwarf hamsters like to be held? 

Robo hamsters are not particularly cuddly and don’t always like to be held, which is a shame as they look very cuddly and cute. As they are so small, it’s easy to hold them too tight, so take care not to injure them. Syrian hamsters are more comfortable being held especially once they are used to you.  

Do Chinese dwarf hamsters like to be held? 

Chinese dwarf hamsters are normally ok to be held once they are tamed, which you can best start at a young age. As they are very small, it’s important to handle them with care to avoid injury. 

What do dwarf hamsters like to eat? 

Dwarf hamsters love fresh dandelion leaves, green vegetables like kale, spinach and broccoli as well as fruit. However, you don’t want to give fruit too often as dwarf hamsters are more prone to diabetes than other hamster breeds. Stick to fruit which is less sweet like apples, pears and cucumber. Many dwarf hamsters like crickets and mealworms too. 

Do dwarf hamsters need a heath light? 

Dwarf hamsters need a light room with lots of natural light rather than a heath light. The room does need to stay at a comfortable temperature consistently as a big drop in temperature can sent your hamster into hibernation which is a problem as their body has not been prepared for this.  

Do dwarf hamsters have a good memory? 

While it sometimes seems that hamsters forget what they are doing the second they started, research shows that their spatial memory is very good as it’s part of food foraging, which in the wild, takes hamsters kilometers away from their hideout every night.  

Do robo dwarf hamsters need a friend? 

While robo dwarf hamsters can live happily in a group of robo’s, they don’t necessarily need to be in a group and can do very well living on their own. If they are looked after, get nutritious food, fresh water, exercise and attention, then you can have just one robo dwarf hamster without the need of buying another. 

Do dwarf hamsters like to live alone? 

Dwarf hamsters like to live alone and won’t feel lonely if you give them attention and look after them well. If you really like more than one, make sure you get two same sex hamsters from the same nest. While dwarf hamsters can live with some other dwarf hamsters, they are solitary animals and are happy in their own company. 

Do dwarf hamsters like the dark? 

Hamsters are most active in twilight, so the dusk and dawn times of the day. They are used to being in the dark and will probably feel more comfortable in the dark so they can hide from predators. This doesn’t mean that you need to put a blanket over the cage, as your hamster will go in their hideout if they want to be in the dark. Natural light is still important for your hamster. 

Do dwarf hamsters like to be held? 

Dwarf hamsters will be ok to be held once they have been tamed which is easiest with gentle handling from a young age.  Until they are used to you and comfortable with you, they can be scared and might bite. They are small and quite delicate, so it’s important to hold them carefully so you don’t hurt them.  

Do dwarf hamsters like to be alone? 

You can leave your hamster for a couple of days when you are busy as long as you check their cage for dirty bedding and to see if they have enough food and water. They are absolutely fine living on their own and don’t need company although they can live with other robo’s.  

Do dwarf hamsters like sand baths? 

Al hamsters like sand baths and you can fill a shallow bowl with either chinchilla sand or a mixture of play sand and bird sand. Sand is stimulating for your hamster to avoid boredom, and it will thoroughly clean his fur at the same time.  

Do dwarf hamsters like carrots? 

Most dwarf hamsters like carrots and many other vegetables like green bell pepper, kale, swede, cauliflower and broccoli. It’s important to give them a small portion of vegetables every day as well as their hamster pellets. 

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Do dwarf hamsters like music? 

Hamsters might not see very well, but their ears work perfectly, and like most animals, they love calming music like classical music and instrumental music as well as any peaceful sounds. So, if your hamster seems a bit stressed to you, put on some calming music and watch your hammie relax. 

Do dwarf hamsters like to climb? 

Dwarf hamsters love climbing and it’s important to place toys in their cage to give them the opportunity to climb. You will find they will climb the cage bars as well, which is fine too. In the wild hamsters climb and dig constantly and where pet hamsters still have many wild instincts, it’s good to give your hamster the opportunity to climb anything different than their cage. 

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Do dwarf hamsters like the cold? 

No, they don’t, and they should never be in a cold room as they might unexpectedly go into hibernation for which their bodies have not prepared. This can be very dangerous for your hamster not just health wise but also because they might end up being buried by owners not realizing their hamster is just asleep! 

Can dwarf hamsters eat apples? 

Hamsters like apples, but don’t give the skin if it’s not organic and never give the pips. Apples are a great choice of fruit as it’s less sweet as many other fruits. You can stick slices of apple on the cage for your hamster to find or you can give it as part of dinner with other fruits and vegetables. 

Can dwarf hamsters eat almonds? 

It’s often said that hamsters can’t eat almonds, but this only covers the round shaped bitter almonds which are used in Chinese medicine and perfumes, the normal almond shaped almonds which we eat as well are absolutely fine for your hamster to eat.  

Can dwarf hamsters eat avocado? 

Avocados are not toxic or poisonous to your hamster, but it contains a lot of fat, which makes it an item on some people’s ‘bad food list for hamsters’, which is a shame because avocados are very healthy for hamsters and can be eaten safely in small portions as part of a balanced diet. 

Do dwarf hamsters like to be alone? Short answer – they are OK with other dwarf hamsters if they are in a large enough cage so they can be on their own when they want to.

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