Are Food Bowls good for Hamsters?

Are food bowls good for hamsters?

Are food bowls good for hamsters?  

Are food bowls good for hamsters?  

Hamsters like to eat from bowls and the best food bowls for hamsters are relatively shallow heavier bowls where the food is more spread out, so hamsters reach and search for their favorite food while sitting on the bowl. Deep bowls are harder to get into and the hamster will end up sitting and pooping in the food.  

Should I put my hamsters food in a bowl? 

If you are able to change your hamsters food bowl daily then food bowls are a perfect way to feed your hamster, as your hamster likes to search through the food looking for their favorites. Hamsters also like to sit in their bowl so there is a good chance your hamster will poop in his food bowl. If you need to leave your hamster for short periods of time regularly, then an (automatic) food dispenser might be a better choice so you can give your hamster more food without the chance of it getting spoiled. 

Are food dispensers good for hamsters? 

Hamsters are absolutely fine eating out of food dispensers as long as the dispenser can be firmly attached to the cage, will dispense only a certain amount of food at a time, and has easy access to the food for your hamster. Another benefit would be one which reduces the dust coming from the food when the food is dispensed.  If you are away for short periods of time, a food dispenser is a must. (Read more on how long a hamster can go without food here).

How often should I put food in my hamsters bowl? 

Unless your hamster finishes his food daily, every other day is most realistic for most hamster owners keen to avoid wasting lots of food, however, make sure you check their food every day and remove any food contaminated with poop. Hamsters don’t actually eat that much and putting a daily portion of food in their bowl, just doesn’t seem to be quite enough, therefore most hamsters will have more food in their bowl than they need. Be careful not to overfeed your hamster. 

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How much should I feed my hamster a day? 

Your average hamster will eat around 2 tablespoons of seed mix every day, while dwarf hamsters eat about 1 tablespoon daily, though it’s important to check the packaging of the food you choose to make sure you give the right amount of food as it will dependent on size, weight and age of your hamster.  

Where should I put my hamsters food? 

It’s best to put your hamster’s food in a shallow bowl or in a food dispenser and don’t give more food than your hamster would eat in one day. Some people like scattering food around the cage or putting it on their bedding, however, it’s best to give the food away from hamster waste, as well as keeping the bedding area clean. 

Should I put my hamster food in the fridge? 

Hamster foods are dry and don’t need to be stored in the fridge at all, instead store the food in an air tight container as you will want to keep moisture away from your hamster food.  

How long does hamster food stay fresh? 

Opened bags of hamster food should ideally be thrown away after 3 months, though adult hamsters are likely to finish the bag before this time. Storing hamster food in an air tight container is the best way to extend the shelf life, though avoid buying very big bags – your hamster can eat roughly 1,5 lb. per month.  Unopened bags of hamster food will stay fresh until the expiry date which is often several months – check the sell by date when you buy the food. 

How long does a bag of hamster food last? 

 3lb bag lasts about 2 months for an average adult hamster and 3-4 months for a dwarf hamster. A 5lb bag lasts 3,5 to 4 months for an average adult hamster. Buy smaller bags for dwarf hamsters to ensure fresh food at all times. 2,5 lb  bags last roughly 7 weeks (about 1 and a half months) for an adult hamster and about 3 months for a dwarf hamster.  

How long does a 3lb bag of hamster food last? 

For an average hamster a 3lb bag will last about 2 months if you feed your hamster 2 tablespoons of hamster food per day. Your 3 lb bag will last 3 to 4 months for a dwarf hamster so you might want to consider to buy a smaller bag to keep the food fresh.  A 3lb bag contains 68 portions of 20g (roughly 2 tablespoons) which is the daily recommended serving for a hamster.  

How long does 1kg of hamster food last? 

A hamster eats about 2 tablespoons of hamster food a day, which is roughly 20g each day. As there are 50 portions of 20g in 1kg, your bag should last roughly 50 days (about 1 and a half months).  

What is the best food for hamsters? 

A high quality hamster pellets are mostly recommended as the go to food for hamsters as all foods are mixed and your hamster can’t pick out their favorite foods while leaving the rest. However, there are many hamster mixes available. Some of the best brands of hamster food are Kaytee, Oxbow and Wild Harvest. Read our hamster food review here. 

How often should you replace hamster food? 

If your hamster hasn’t finished their food and it’s still clean you can leave it till the next day, however, you should replace the dry food every two days. Check your hamsters cage daily and remove any fresh food like fruit and vegetables which have been left to avoid it going off and check if there is still enough clean dry food in the bowl (hamsters do poop in their food bowl sometimes!).  

Does hamster food go stale? 

Hamster food does go off so throw any food still left in the bag or container after 3 months to make sure your hamster has fresh food at all times. Don’t fill up your air tight container with new food until you have finished all the food. Clean the container in between fills but make sure the container is completely dry before filling it as water will spoil the food.  

Do you have to freeze hamster food? 

No, you don’t have to freeze hamster food, however if you buy in bulk and you won’t be using the food before the sell by date then freezing the hamster food is a great idea. Just thoroughly defrost before serving and store in a sealed container.  

How do you keep bugs out of hamster food? 

The easiest way is to keep the food in a sealed container or buy food which comes in zip up bags. Just ensure you always close the lid or bag completely as bugs will be attracted to the food. To keep bugs of the food in your hamster’s cage, make sure you clean the cage weekly, and you throw away any leftover food daily to avoid it rotting.


How long does a bag of hamster bedding last? 

Hamster bedding is packed very tightly, and the bedding expands quite a bit once the bag is open.  

But as a gage, you will use roughly 10L of compressed bedding for an 8 cubic feet cage.  

How often should you replace hamster bedding? 

You should replace your hamsters bedding completely and give the cage a deep clean once a month, and in between make sure you replace the bedding in areas where your hamster pees and remove any dirty bedding weekly. 

What happens if you don’t change your hamsters bedding? 

Your hamster will get ill if you don’t keep the cage clean and replace dirty bedding. Soiled bedding will attract bugs and bacteria and so does rotting food. Hamsters are prone to illness, so good care is important to keep your hamster healthy. 

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