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About us: Your Happy Hamster

About us:

Your Happy Hamster aims to answer all your hamster related questions truthfully and honestly so you will have the best hamster 101 guide you could possibly need.

A happy place for happy hamsters and their owners!

However, we are not a replacement for veterinarian advise on medical conditions or anything else. If you have any worries about your hamster, you must always contact your local vet immediately. Read more in our disclaimer here.

We hope that you enjoy reading Your Happy Hamster as much as we enjoy creating it!

We publish 2 special posts each moths where we feature funny and cute hamsters from around the internet.

Unfortunately many funny and happy hamsters stay undiscovered so we are asking you to show us the funniest and cutest hamsters you know. This could be your hamster or someone else’s hamster.

If you want a chance for your hamster to be included, either in our cute or funny hamster of the month posts contact us on PinterestInstagram or Facebook!

Benefits of a feature:

  • You have your awesome hamster recognised for its awesomeness! (most important)
  • You get a link from us to your social media account or website 
  • Your followers and likes will grow from a new audience seeing your account
  • Your hamster will be promoted via our social media accounts (more growth)

If this sounds good to you, get in contact! 

DM us, tag us, follow us and reach out in any way you like with your funny or cute hamster images!

Looking forward to meeting your awesome hamster!! (and don’t forget to follow and like!)

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